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An important segment of doing business is having a quality accounting method which ensures 3 things:

1. Law compliance – Financial statements can tell a lot about a company. With an effective accounting method in place, you will be able to detect illegalities before they occur, making sure all business activities are complying with law regulations.

2. Efficient company management – knowing your business financials will give you an idea of where your business is standing and help you set targets to grow rapidly and efficiently.

3.Tax planning – The tax aspect is also very important. Internal Revenue regulations require business to maintain accounting records for tax preparation and audit purposes. Tracking all income and expenses  ensures tax efficiency in terms of lower tax rates in line with prescribed regulations. There is a famous quote: After all “The difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance is the thickness of prison walls.”

Denis Healey, former UK Chancellor of the Exchequer

Keeping in mind contemporary ways of doing business and a technological progress, we provide our clients an efficient service by using technology to both communicate with them and provide accounting records. We help you maintain good quality business records by:

• Providing advice on how to create, file and manage the required accounting documents such as sales invoices, statements and payments.

• Setting up an accounting system where the transactions are recorded and reports obtained.

• providing bookkeeping services to process or generate accounting documents.

• Preparing Profit and Loss and Balance Sheets accurately, and timely.
Our long term tradition and experience in the accounting industry is a cornerstone for future cooperation with any client.

Accounting & Book Keeping

According to the Small Business Bureau, the number one reason why a business fails is because they lack financial management skills. As your company grows, you may surpass your ability to manage your business financials. Let our accounting team handle any and all type of book keeping and accounting paperwork for you. We firmly believe that our client’s success is as much theirs as ours. Here are a few things we manage month to month:

Accounting: Quarterly profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow statements preparation.

Book Keeping: Monthly general ledger entries, bank reconciliation.

Sales Tax Filing: Business sales tax reporting with local state agencies.