Business Taxes

The myriad of tax rules and regulations requires the assistance of professionals to make sure tax issues and problems do not get in the way of achieving the strategic goals you have set for your business.

By minimizing your tax liabilities, you have more dollars to either reinvest in the business or to pay yourself. Whether your business is already matured and established or is in its growth stage, we are here to help you comply and navigate the complexities of tax rules and regulations.

Sole Proprietor​s

As a sole proprietor, all the burden of managing your business finances weights on you. At Xpress Tax & Accounting we use a variety of systems of tax planning and preparation, tailored to your needs, that assures that your taxes are minimized and advice is delivered timely. Don’t let the stress of preparing your tax return be another load you need to deal with.

Limited Liability Companies

An LLC is the most diverse company when it comes to taxation. Determining the proper tax classification can bring many advantages to your business. We provide a tailored tax preparation experience, to maximize deductions, and credits. We will also work with you to select the most beneficial entity classification for tax purposes.


Corporations have a number of tax advantages. For example, similar to an LLC, they protect a business owner’s personal assets in case the business is sued. However corporate taxation can get tricky, especially if the company has shareholders who earn a salary throughout the tax year. Our experts will help you navigate this complex world and also help you chose the most advantageous tax classification for your Corporation.