Tax Preparation

Our dedicated professionals will prepare and walk you through your tax returns. Our goal is to give you peace of mind by being confident that our team is here ALL YEAR ROUND to answer your questions or help you resolve tax problems. Tax preparation need not be a worrisome experience!

Plus, on top of preparing and filing your tax returns, we give you tax minimization strategies based on your specific situation. This will help you make sure you have more dollars going into your pocket for your personal needs and goals.

Audit Protection

Are you under audit by the IRS? Have you been hit with hefty tax penalties? Is your refund being withheld? Is the IRS planning to garnish your wages or your bank account? Whether the tax return in question was prepared by another accountant or by us, we are here to work with you to resolve your problem and develop a realistic game plan. We take pride in walking the extra mile to help our clients deal with their tax problems.

Free E-Filing

E-Filing your tax returns not only guarantees a faster refund but also allows us to identify potential problems the IRS may look at more closely. We have been certified by the Internal Revenue Service to E-File our client’s tax returns, allowing us to submit your returns more accurately, and securely. Best of all, you can take advantage of this service at no additional cost.

Estimated Taxes

Are you self-employed? Are you a household employer? Did you earn any additional income that has not been taxed? such as capital gains. If so you are required to pay estimated taxes to the Internal Revenue every quarter of the year. But how much to send? Our staff will not only prepare your quarterly estimated taxes but will show you how to calculate such figures.