Paying your employees should not be time consuming and confusing. IRS and local laws have made this task a nightmare for employers. On average, a small business owner spends eight hours per month performing payroll duties. That’s twelve days per year you could have been generating more sales/revenue, meeting new clients, looking for more business opportunities, etc.

That’s why we offer payroll solutions customized to your business needs!


What we offer:

Did you know that S-Corps are required to run a payroll for their shareholders?

Our highly trained payroll department is ready to tackle any business payroll challenge. We manage weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly payroll services. Our payroll service package includes:

Time Sheet Formatting: Generate weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly time sheets according to each business need.

Payroll Processing: Gather employee hours, salary and process payroll timely.

Quarterly Payroll Tax Form Filing: IRS, local, and state payroll forms filing.

SUTA: State Unemployment payments scheduling and filing.

FUTA: Federal Unemployment payment scheduling and filing.

W2 Processing: Year-end W2 reporting to SSA, Process, print and mail employee W2s to employees.

Direct Deposit: Employee payroll direct deposit set-up.

Employee Benefit Program: Set-up small business Employee Benefit Programs such as 401-k, and Health Insurance, and Much More…