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Your Success is our Priority

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At Xpress Tax & Accounting we understand the guidance our advisors provide weighs in on the level of success your business will have.

That's why our priority is to provide the right guidance so you can be successful. 

After all... Your success is as much yours as ours!

Established in 2016  Xpress Taxes was founded with the purpose to help small business and individuals lower the burden fiscal and financial reporting can become. Ever since, we've assisted our clients in reaching their financial goals by providing innovative and technologically advanced tax, accounting, and payroll solutions.

By providing the best suited tax preparation, accounting, payroll and representation advice we have saved our clients thousands of dollar in unnecessary expenditures, tax savings, and penalties.


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How I Can Help You

  • Preparation and submission of personal tax return.

    1 hr

  • Assistance with the process to obtain the Individual Tax Identificatio...

    1 hr

  • Our experienced tax preparers can assist with your tax planning for up...

    1 hr

  • Assistance with the complete the process of obtaining a Driver’s Licen...

    1 hr

  • This service offers solutions to your audits and issues with the IRS.

    1 hr

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